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TOP 3 picks from Saimaa Naturally

These are our TOP 3 picks for you from our wide range of activities. The absolute must do's in Finnish Lakeland (in our opinion 🙂 ) Number one is our Sauna Boat cruise from Lappeenrata harbor. Sauna boat gives a little twist to the sauna experience. The second must is a private small boat ride to the beautiful islands of Lake Saimaa. Our third must do, is foraging in the Finnish forest with a guide. 

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Lakeland activities online booking

With our wide network of partners we can offer you a wide range of experiences in Finnish Lakeland area, mainly in Lake Saimaa. You can experience the authentic berry and mushroom picking treks, kayaking and much much more with hassle free and secure online booking.

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Weekly Program Lappeenranta

We have collected the must do experiences in Finnish Lakeland area with our partners and build you a weekly program with guaranteed departures. Just book it online and enjoy the Lake Saimaa area. Below is the link to our weekly programs in Lappeenranta

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Bicycle treks in Lake Saimaa region

Bicycle treks in Lake Saimaa region are the best! We have ready made plans for you if you are looking for a long, over 300 km trek around the Great Lake Saimaa. Or if you looking for a short time rental, we have an option for you also. 

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Saimaa Geopark partner

As a Saimaa Geopark we arrange various ways to enjoy the wonders of Lake Saimaa in South-Karelia region. For example, you can rent a bicycle  and go to a self guided trek, or you can participate in one of our guided treks to Lake Saimaa Geopark  destination. Feel free to browse the option below

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Finnish Lakeland DMC operation

With our extensive partner network throughout the Finnish Lakeland we can offer you a high quality programming  including transport, hotels and activities in our region.

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The story of...

My name is Teemu. I'm a local nature and wilderness guide who has spend most of his life close to the nature. I organize various styles of event and nature related programs for my customers in Lake Saimaa area.  I hope you find what you are looking for from my web page.

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