Sauna Boat cruise to Lake Saimaa

Welcome to enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna with a little twist.  Out floating sauna offers you a great experience at Lake Saimaa. Floating Sauna cruise will depart from Lappeenranta Harbor and cruse  at Lake Saimaa while you can enjoy smooth and relaxing traditional Finnish wood burning Sauna. Floating sauna can be rented with a driver for your group. Floating sauna does not have scheduled departures.

Floating sauna has two flush toilets, spacious living room with large windows from which you can enjoy the view of Lake Saimaa.  The floating sauna also has unisex dressing room with hot shower and spacious sauna. You can leave your own shampoo home, we offer biodegradable shampoo and soap.  Our Sauna is heated by local Misa stove. On the roof we have large sundeck where you can enjoy the views and the sun. We have plenty of mobile charging outlets, and Bluetooth speaker for your use. Living room has a video screen if you wish to have a meeting before going to sauna.

Eating at Sauna Boat

We can arrange you a small snack, or delicious dinner according to your request. Our catering partner is Kattava catering. Kattava catering can deliver exceptionally delicious and tasty menus that you can find below. If you want the best experience, you should consider the grill menu. In this option professional cook will prepare your dinner at floating saunas upper sundeck, where you can enjoy the meal and the view of Lake Saimaa. Below is example menus we can offer. Our gas grill is at your use if you prefer to make your own food from your own ingredients. Floating sauna does not have an alcohol licence. This means that we cannot sell you alcohol, but you can bring your own. There is a refrigerator at your use for food items and drinks. 

Fresh salads & pies

Green salad and raspberry vinaigrette

Melon-rocked salad with tabbouleh salad

Chicken-Caesar salad

Tomato-mozzarella pie

Salmon pie

19,00 € / person

Delicious Lasagna

Melon-rocked salad

Delicious Lasagna (also vegan option)

France baguette and cream cheese

24,00 € / person

Peltokukka's Sausages

Marinated olives with garlic

Caesar salad

Various raw sausage from Peltokukka farm (local small farm)


France baguette and cream cheese

26,00 € / person


Local ribs

Coleslaw salad

Green salad

Ribs from Innalanmäen farm

Local summer potatoes

Locally made BBQ sauce

28,00 € / person

Black Agnus -grill menu

This option includes a chef on board

Black Agnus steaks

GrillMix: zucchini, tomatoes and halloumi cheese

Summer Salad: potatoes, fennel and asparagus

Cobb -salad


France baguette and cream cheese

45,00 € / person

Floating sauna safety and environment

Floating sauna is always rented with a licenced driver with CPR training. Floating sauna meets all the regulations and is properly registered as a boat with CE-marking. We have large tanks for waste water, so we don't leave any waste water behind. All the electricity is produced by solar panels and boat engines. Please note that during high winds the sauna cruise can be canceled because of safety reasons

Details about the Sauna Boat Cruise

  • Price: Starting from 480 €, see details below
  • Is this a private program? Yes, this is a private program, only people from your group will participate.
  • What is included: Boat captain, free use of gas grill, gasoline, organic soap, life jackets and use of sauna
  • Duration: Starting from 3 hours, (=2 hours cruising plus 1 hour in anchor. You can only swing during anchor time)
  • How to book: By booking online (below), with phone, email or form below. If you wish to book custom date and time please contact us to see if the capacity is available.
  • How to pay: With credit card when booking online (below), or cash/card at the service site when booking with email or phone.
  • What do I need to bring with me: Towels, if you wish to make your own food you need to bring cutlery, plates etc.
  • Suitable for: Anyone with normal physical health, no age restrictions.
  • Service location: Lappeenranta harbor
  • Available: Summer time, see reservation calendar
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Extra service: Pick-up and Drop-off, catering with cutlery.

Sauna Boat location in Lappeenranta

Sauna Boat prices

  • Sunday-Thursday: 480 € / 3 hours
  • Friday: 530 € / 3 hours
  • Saturday: 580 € / 3 hours
  • Extra service: Rental towels 5 €/one
  • Extra hour: 110€/hour
Longer cruises starting from
  • 1 nigh: 1750 €
  • 2 night: 2750 €
  • 3 nights: 3500 €

Below you can book the Floating Sauna Boat for maximum of 12 persons. The Sauna boat is operating from 10.5.2020-1.10.2020 from 12:00-23:00. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. For longer and tailored cruises please contact us. or +358 40 588 0738