The story of...

My name is Teemu. I'm a local nature and wilderness guide who has spend most of his life close to the nature. My first experiences with nature came from nature treks with my grandparents and my parents. Every autumn we picked berries from the nature and made delicious pie afterword. We also went fishing to the river nearby.  This was a great time for a father-son bonding. All these great experiences with nature  carried on to my adult life and I frequently enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the Finnish nature.  Usually just walking the trails and pondering about life.  

In later life when I was starting my event business I always hoped I would be able to show this beautiful nature of ours to people for abroad. Today this is reality. Lucky me 🙂

You can contact me by calling (also whatsapp work) at +358 405 880 738 or email us at

PS. When building this website I noticed that very seldom has anyone taken photos of me while working, so below you can find couple of selfies about me working 🙂


Saimaa Naturally

Scouting new locations with my colleague Kati from Ajatusten polku


Little bit chilly weather at the end of season. Customers happy and warm inside 🙂


With customer group relaxing at the fire place


Sunny day at the Sauna Boat